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What is Google Page Rank?

  • Google Page Rank is simply Google's way of displaying how important a webpage is. Google assumes that when 1 webpage links to another webpage, it's actually "casting a vote" for the webpage. The more votes you have for your webpage, the more important your webpage will be.
  • Google also takes into account the importance of other website's pages linking to your own webpage. If many webpages link to the website's webpage linking to you (i.e. They have a lot of "votes") then their vote will be of more importance and will increase your Page Rank more.See images below for a visual representation of what I mean...

In the pictures below, Site A will pass more Page Rank to your website because more websites are linking (voting) for them.

Web site 1

Wheras site B only has 2 votes (links).

Web site 2

Site A has 4 votes (links), therefor Site A is more important than site B which only has 2 votes (links).

For example, let's say that a town was voting on whether or not they wanted to pass a certain law. Their were 3 parties voting.

  • The Leader (Ruler)
  • The Council
  • The Citizens

Now, whose vote would count for more? I would guess that the Leader's vote would count for much more than both the council and the citizens. The leader is obviously more important that both of the others. The council and the citizens' votes would still count for something, but just not as much as the Leader's vote.

Page Rank works in a similar way. A link or "vote" from those pages that are more important will increase your page rank and "count for more" than those pages that aren't as important. Remember, in order to tell how important a webpage is, simply count the number of pages linking (voting) to that page, AND also the importance of those pages voting for that page.

Make sense?

Google Toolbar (Yes, we've already covered this... but just for a quick refresh before we dive into the more complex stuff.)

To see the Google Page Rank of your website, you must download the Google toolbar. You can download this for free by clicking the link below:

Once you have installed the Google toolbar, it will place a toolbar within your web browser. Notice the small green bar that says PageRank. If you hover your mouse over the green bar, you will see your Google Page Rank as shown below.

Google Page Rank

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